Get to know Platforme

Platforme is a Portuguese technology company founded in 2015, counting with Farfetch's founder and CEO José Neves and Net-A-Porter founder Natalie Massenet among its founders and investors. Headquartered in the heart of Invicta, with offices in London and Guimarães, currently counts with 25+ employees.

Our technology brings a new way for people to perceive, customize and buy across several channels (e-commerce, retail, embed experiences, among others). Powering at scale customization, personalization and digital collections across industries, promoting sustainability and revolutionizing the way brands capitalize on inventory with MTO.


Acting from the factory to the final customer, Platforme supports the supply chain by defining standards and processes to be used across all value chains (from the transformation of raw materials, and components into a finished product that is delivered to the customer).

Additionally, Platforme can also support marketing activities with new ways to obtain visual assets (photorealistic/illustrated), making it possible for the creation of digital collections, promotional video, and other marketing media assets.


Platforme current offering is listed as follows:

IDAuth servicesFederated identity infrastructure for the Platforme’s ecosystem.
  • Handle authentication and authorization
  • Manage organizations' ACL
  • OAuth2 compatible
RIPE CoreCore EnginePlatforme’s customization engine, responsible for business logic, management of the production supply chain business logic for MTO.
  • Handling of the RIPE API entry-points
  • Routing of the composition process to RIPE Compose
  • Management of the production supply chain business logic for MTO (among others, the following configs: availabilities, CITES, DDPs, extra duties, HS codes, inventories, shipping costs)
  • Back-end async integration with e-commerce systems
  • Management of front-end plugins for the customization experience
RIPE ComposeComposition EnginePre-Render and Compose engine for RIPE Core.
  • Either as a stand-alone master and slave independent system or embedded as a library
  • Relies on P(NG) Convert for slices blending and PNG conversion
  • Server Side Initials composition
RIPE CSRRender EngineClient-side rendering engine for RIPE Core.
RIPE SSRRender EngineServer-side rendering engine for RIPE Core.
RIPE BuildingBuild engineCreation of the build packages.
  • The final stage in the Production Workflows
  • Processing raw pre-rendered slices
  • Ensures that data is ready for the Composition and Render Engines
RIPE APIAPIHTTP REST API endpoints for digital integrations with 3rd parties.
RIPE SDKSDKLeveraging a lot of business logic implementations and UX components
  • Vanilla ECMAScript v6
  • Objective-C for iOS
  • Kotlin for Android
  • API clients library
RIPE RetailApplicationInterface to be used by traditional brick and mortar stores.
RIPE PulseApplicationDashboard to monitor production and fulfillment status.
  • View and Manage Production Order lifecycle (activity log, update status, production report, etc)
  • Query language capabilities
  • Easy to navigate within search scoped orders
  • Powered by RIPE SDK, RIPE ID JS and RIPE Components Vue
RIPE RobinApplicationApplication for production management control, to be used at the factory floor.
  • Fast production order search
  • Production order details and Activity log tracking
  • Production Order subscriptions
  • Cross-platform: iOS and Android
RIPE CopperApplicationApplication for shipping control.
RIPE WhiteApplicationApplication for supporting continuity, loose e-commerce go-to and failover interface.
RIPE RegistryAssets RegistryThe registry for the RIPE (3D) builds, to be used by centralized authority.
RIPE OrchestraRender orchestrator3D job orchestrator for In Cloud 3D Render.
RIPE BlenderApplicationBlender plugin for RIPE's 3D process optimization, enabling RIPE Building pipeline integration.
RIPE MayaApplicationMaya plugin for RIPE's 3D process optimization, enabling RIPE Building pipeline integration.
RIPE SputnikApplicationScanbox software for easier acquisition of textures and materials assets.
RIPE BridgeApplicationPlatforme Application to integrate MTO within e-commerce engines.
RIPE SalesforceIntegrationEnrichment of Salesforce's sales data and linking with RIPE services.
RIPE ScriptsUtilitiesSet of scripts for support of RIPE-Core (build management, font creation, among others).
RIPE UtilUtilitiesA collection of web-based production ready.