(3D) Build Renders (Legacy)

(3D) Build Renders are final output from the 3D process that is going to be used as an input for the (3D) build creation.

The output PNG’s files that are generated when rendering a project file follow the same nomenclature that is set on the Render Layers of that same project file.

Nomenclature template is as follows: <modelName>_<partName>_<materialName>_<colorName>

It’s composed by four fields separated by underscore (_) following a lowerCamelCase rule:

All lowerCamelCase names will be converted to underscore_case, ie: vynerHitop -> vyner_hitop, vynerV2019 -> vyner_v2019, dean54 -> dean54. As such, _ is a reserved character.

  \- model
    \- model_part_material_color
      *- model_part_material_color.01.png
      *- (...)
      *- model_part_material_color.24.png
      *- model_part_material_color.top.png
  \- bond
    \- bond_heel_calf_beigeTan -> notice how different words in the same component are separated by camel case
      *- bond_heel_calf_beigeTan.01.png
      *- (...)
  \- (other models)

Resolution: should be defined in the Render Settings and use a Aspect Ratio of 1:1 (1000x1000, 2000x2000, etc..). This will applied for all render layers.

Format: Always PNG image files

Color Profile: sRGB IEC61966